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         Fine Handcrafted Jewelry for the Professional Bullrider and Lovers of the Sport

                                      Zack Daniel



          Our Senior Designer’s Son Giving His All


The detail designed into these special Bull and Bullrider items can only be indicated in these photos. Full appreciation of the craftsmanship, care, and quality will be evident the first time you hold one of these unique and limited items in your hands. The bulls are diamond brush finished to even imitate the texture of the bulls’ hair.

All items shown in this brochure can be personalized for the individual including diamond or other stone highlights and full or partial body pave`. All chains are available in all lengths. Add or subtract 5% per inch.

All prices are based on Gold and Diamond pricing of 3/09 and are subject to change.

Prices shown are MSRP


Bull Rider Collection


        WMD622R - $300                                                                              WMD432D - $1,200                                               WMD621 - $1,330                                                                                                                  Chain (Call for Price)                                               Chain – (Call for Price)
14K Gold Bullrider and Sterling Silver man’s ring.                             14K Gold Pave` Bullrider’s Rowel on 18" Omega Chain.                        35 Diamonds weigh .70c                 
This ring is as solid and distinctive as any                     20 diamonds weigh .50carat.                                                
a man will proudly wear. Particularly a                                 This jeweled, solid gold rowel will be instantly                      A newer version of the  Bullrider
Bullrider, whether professional, amateur,              
recognized  by any Bullrider.                                                       Rowel
or in days gone past




WMD618P - $675                                                                                  WMD617P - $900                                                    MWD620N - $1,885
Chain – (Call for Price)                                                                           Chain – (Call for Price)                                               19 Diamonds weigh .72c
                                                                                                                   19 Diamonds weigh .35c

A unique hollow body, solid                                     The white gold ground provides                 Perfect for the lady that loves
gold bull and rider with 32 diamonds                       a more solid context for this piece.             a Bullrider
(.29c) inset over the body of the bull.
Pave` is one of WMD's signature designs



MWD619P - $300
Chain – (Call for Price)
This handcrafted piece offers exacting
detail and unequaled craftsmanship


                                                                                                                            MWD616P - $205
                                                                                                                            Chain – (Call for Price)
This piece is moderately priced and more
                                                                            but still shows your love of the sport

The two pieces above are shown in enlarged size and different lighting to allow increased detail for your appraisal.



                                            MWD620E - $464                                                                                             MWD 620T - $240
A fine choice for the lady that loves                                         A little elegance for hat or tie
                                            the sport.


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